4 Things to keep in mind when living intentionally

What does the word “intention” feel like to you? When I look at this picture and think of the word, I feel like I have a super power that I haven’t fully explored yet. It feels light, fun, and easy to me. As we grow in our understanding of how to live more intentionally, we explore new ways to apply what some call the “Law of Intention.” I wasn’t sure until this afternoon if anyone has called it that yet. Then I found all kinds of things written about it. As I learn more about the research that others have done on it, and I as I explore it myself, I have come to learn about these four things that influence your intentions: planting, releasing, gratitude, and allowing. I’m sure you could probably write this post yourself, but bear with me. There might be something just for you here!

  1. When planting your intention, it is helpful to do it while in a meditative state. Your mind is quiet and therefore open to new ideas, new visions, clear paths… To plant an intention means to hold a vision of it as if it is already right there with you.
  2. Releasing the intention means to set it aside for awhile after you have planted it. It means you don’t have to knock it down, figure it out, dissect it, club it, obsess on it… you get the picture. You DON’T have to have it all figured out for it to all come together.  (if I could do that even more bolder, I would!) I know this is a tough one. I can hear the inner groanings! Releasing it gives you space to hear the guidance that comes along. Trust me! Clamping on to it, slows things down.
  3. Gratitude for it as if it is already with you, part of your life is super important because you stall things if your energy is of lack or NEED. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can be in. The spirits of lack and need are very low. All fear based. So write your gratitude statements (see earlier posts about how to write a gratitude statement if you aren’t sure what that is or email me) and rise above fear that it won’t all come together.
  4. Allow new ideas to come along without poo-pooing them right away. Allow old ideas to pop up again. Allow things that are already right in front of you to appear as new. Allow the universe to be IN CHARGE! It may all come together in a way that you never even dreamed of. Be open to that.

So plant (in a meditative state if possible), release it (stop trying to figure it all out!), stay in gratitude (not fear and need), and allow the universe to be in charge.

Happy manifesting!



  1. Ana Bokstrom  September 11, 2017

    Great article Tess… To the point, clear and right on. Looking forward to the interview.

    • Tess  September 12, 2017

      Thank you, Ana! I’m looking forward to it too!!!


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