There are many different decks to choose from. You can allow your Spirit Guide to choose which ones they would like to use or you can choose one or more that really jump out at you. Paying attention to our feelings is important in opening up to guidance. 


You can have a question ready or you can simply ask for any guidance that your Spirit Guide would like to pass on to you at this time. Many (including me) like to do a card reading during the New Moon since everything seems to be resetting energetically at this time. Some like to do one at the beginning of the week or whenever you feel like you are searching for answers. 


Here are the decks I use:



If one or more decks speak to you, let me know which ones. If you’d like for your Spirit Guide to choose, then I will ask for you which ones to use. I ask for all messages meant for you at this point. I do not need to know what your question is. I will email you your reading usually within a day of receiving your request.  Please click on the PayPal button below to order your reading, and then email me your request at