Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready to create a shift in your energy? Are you ready to discover the real you? If that feels exciting to you, I hope you choose this class.

You will learn these tools:

  1. Getting the Message
  2. Expansion
  3. Becoming Gratitude
  4. the Clearing Statement
  5. Clearing the Distractors
  6. Who Does this Belong to?
  7. Who Am I Being?

This class covers a lot! Bring a pen and some paper. I will be sending out notes after the class, but you may want to make some of your own. We can do this over Skype or on the phone with another person or just one-on-one.

I don’t want money to be the reason you don’t choose this class. So instead of setting a price, I am giving you options to choose from. Once you choose which one works for you, I will know you have registered for the class. I’ll be in touch!

With lots of love,


Payment Options