9781452514079_COVER.indd“Creating Joy Daily won’t be just a daily planner, it will become a way of life.” This is how one of my clients thinks about my latest book. This book gives one place for your gratitude journal, your daily and monthly schedule, space to record and keep your powerful affirmations in front of you as well as space to set your intentions for each day. Begin your day by harnessing the amazing power of the Universe through using this book!


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After my electronic device “crashed” and my data for my calendar was lost, I decided to purchase a printed planner that was not dependent on being charged or updated. But in my search for one, I discovered many of them did not have what I was looking for and many would not inspire me in my daily planning. So I decided to create a planner that would fill me with excitement and inspiration as I use it every day. I wanted it to have room to add color, and I wanted it to have room for me to set my intentions for the day. I wanted it to have room for keeping track of what I appreciate and what I have already manifested in my life, and what I would like the universe to handle for me. I also needed room to write down my affirmations. I love using this planner every day because I enjoy seeing all the wonderful experiences that are created because of it. It is my intention that when you use it, you will create a life full of joy, peace, and abundance daily.


hay-house-radio After the book was published, Hay House Radio wanted to interview me about it. Click HERE to listen to it.




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“I know my day will go a lot better if I take a few minutes at the beginning to fill out a page. I love having everything in one place!” -T. Young

“I am seeing big things developing in my life! I feel empowered and connected! Thank you for this wonderful tool!” – A. Nelson

“This book has become an important part of reinventing my life! My whole focus has changed.” -W. Mitchell