Do you have a burning desire to make a difference?

Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in this world? Do you feel like there is so much going on that you would like to see change but there is so little you can do about it all? When I hear political news whether it be Canadian or American or even Provincial, I can easily get overwhelmed by all the things I’d like to change. I have a burning desire to see all animals cared for, to see our forests cherished instead of clear cut down, to see our politicians to begin to make decisions that protect Mother Earth instead of the almighty dollar. There is a lot of heavy energy, deaths, and destruction all around.

But then I am called out into the woods where it is still and quiet. I am reminded that even I can be a contribution. I can be a beacon of love and gratitude for these energies then ripple out and change things. This is where the power is. Power is the ability to change and use energy. I can change energy by transmitting love and gratitude. I have the power in me and so do you. Will you join me? Just like the lighthouse stands in one spot and shines a light to guide ships. We can be right where we are and make a difference. Our light, our power is love and gratitude. NOTHING is more powerful. I love you and am so grateful for YOU!


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