Dr. William Tiller

I wrote about Dr. Emoto’s research a couple of days ago and how it shows thoughts and words affect matter and create healing. Not only has Dr. Masaru Emoto proven it thousands of times over, but also Dr. William Tiller has done the same thing.

Dr. Tiller found 4 practiced meditators and had them imprint electrical devices with very specific target intentions. The electrical device was wrapped in aluminum and shipped overnight to a laboratory 2000 miles away. It was then placed beside a container of water and turned on. For example, one device could be imprinted with the intention of raising the pH level of a container of water. The intention was set so that the level was a large enough difference that it could not be explained by just being in the lab. 1.5 units of pH achieved this, which is a considerable amount of change for just sitting beside an electrical device.

Dr. Tiller then went on to see that as intention is repeated often, the change becomes permanent and happens faster and more strongly. The energy of the room on its own began to change the water pH without the device.

Setting intentions is a powerful tool with 4 steps:

1 Get clear on what you would like

2 Write it down – It is my intention to create (or manifest) __________________.

3 See it being in reality.

4 Pay attention to the awarenesses the come along so you don’t shut down ways it can show up.

If we have been blessed with a tool like this, why not use it? What would you like to change?


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