I was thinking about forgiveness yesterday. I was thinking about how we expect others to live and act like we do. Then we get our noses out of joint. I was also thinking about knowing where to draw the line though. When is it time to say, “I’m not putting any more energy into this”? Today I made a decision to withdraw from somewhere that has been draining me. I’ve put a lot of energy into it and have been drained by hurting people. There was no struggle in the decision. I knew that I was done because I value myself more than that. Simple. And I am not holding grudges. I know we are all just doing our best. What is my best may not be someone’s best. So I forgive and move on. Just because I forgive doesn’t mean I have to stay and continue pouring energy into it. But it does mean I am free. I am free from baggage, resentment, and anger. Exactly the energies that have trapped them. Sadly.

I saw this quote today that confirmed my decision, “Create where you belong.” I don’t belong somewhere that drains me. I don’t belong somewhere I am not respected. I have much to create and contribute. So onwards and upwards! Have a good one!


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