Full Moon – completion

Our full moon is almost here. In two days we will be basking in her light. Most are sensitive to the energy of the full moon and all its intensities whether they are aware of it or not.

I love full moons because of what they remind me every month. They remind me that everything has an ebb and flow to it. The energy of the moon ebbs and flows. It affects our tides, our growing seasons, and so much more than what we are aware of. If we work with the ebb and flow of the energy, we experience what it is to be in the flow. As the moon is growing, there is momentum. Creating happens with ease. As the moon wanes, the energy begins to relax and calm. This is the perfect time for inner work, more quiet time, restoration.

This full moon is reminding me to recognize a time of completion. So often we are focused on completing whatever project we are working on, we don’t take time to exhale before beginning the next one. Between today and May 10th I am taking some time to recognize what I have completed over the last month, and I’m going to celebrate it. Then I’m allowing some space to breathe before beginning Spirit’s next assignment. What have you accomplished over the last month? I guarantee that if you sit down and begin to make a list, you will amaze yourself at how much you have accomplished! Give yourself some credit for it just like you would your son or daughter. Then give yourself a breather before moving on. Well done!


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