Gratitude statement

Gratitude statement – It’s a powerful tool to use if you are intending on manifesting something with ease! Here’s how to create one: write a statement expressing gratitude for what you are asking for as if you have already manifested it. For example, “I am so grateful and happy that (fill in the blank with what you have asked for)________________ has come to me with ease and joyfully in the best way possible for the highest good of all and with harm to none. I am so grateful for the clear path to receive this and countless blessings beyond what I have asked for and am happy to pass those blessings on.” If you create one of these in your own words, there is something powerful about writing it out 3 times every day. It shows your trust, belief, openness to receive, and gratitude. All of this is good to keep in mind before, during, and after our creating money exercise Monday evening at 7 PM Atlantic. Don’t forget to email me your ask! Tonight is the night!


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