I’ve experienced living with someone who was skilled at manipulation and guilt trips for many years. I kicked his butt to the curb. So I am sometimes super-sensitive to those kinds of tactics. I recently had to cut off someone out of my life because that was how she wanted to deal with me.

But I realized this morning how affected I am by MY guilt. It seems like it is more powerful than the guilt someone else is trying to put on me. I was holding myself to a standard and the “shoulds” or rules that society imposes on us over one decision I made yesterday. It opened the flood gates for a life time of guilt to come in. It began to consume my thoughts. It soured my memories. It began to sour my day. As I became aware of how much guilt I was feeling, I also became aware of how much it was destroying and would destroy if I didn’t stop it in its tracks. So I sat down right away and did some serious clearing.

The energy of guilt is completely useless yet we fall for it over and over again. It’s designed to keep us stuck right where we are. It’s also designed to destroy our joy. Don’t let it! Kick it to the curb! Now, what else is possible?


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