As I have thought more about Dr. Tiller’s experiment that I wrote about a couple of posts back, there was one part of it that really fascinates me. The little part where he finds four meditators and has them imprint an intention into an electrical device. Isn’t that amazing?! “How does one imprint an intention?” That little part was quickly glossed over in his white paper. I suspect because that part was not very scientific. But we imprint our intentions onto things all the time. Have you ever said a blessing over food? If you did, you were imprinting an intention on your food. Another super power!

So then I began to wonder where else I could use this super power. Many people imprint intentions into their crystals. Someone wrote that they imprint the fresh pillow case with the intention it will bring sweet dreams and a good rest as she uses it. What about imprinting intentions into our bank accounts, into our computers, our cars, and the list goes on and on. I already wrote about Dr. Emoto’s experiments which showed we can imprint using words printed or spoken into water. How might you use this super power, because you have it too!

Would you like to know how to do it? This is how I do it – If it is something I can hold, I hold it in my hands, state my intention for that object, and envision the energy flowing from hands into the object. Most times I get a tingling sensation in the palm of my hands. Not everyone does though. I hold it until the tingling stops or I have an awareness that it is finished. You could envision the object being surrounded by white light, or anything that helps you envision the energy. I am continuing to play with the process and how else I can use it. What else is possible?


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