It’s not happening?

So you are trying to manifest something, and it doesn’t seem to be coming to you? We all go through times when we really desire something, need something, and it seems like it’s just NOT happening. Don’t despair and please don’t give up! You cannot have a desire without the way for it to be made manifest to also be there. There is a way, you’re just not seeing it yet. Why not?

There are lots of beliefs that hold us back that we absorb from people who raise us, people who we look up to, people who teach us, and just from society. Ideas like there are the filthy rich – what does that tell you about asking for more money? Ideas like it takes hard work to make money – it can only come from hard work? Ideas like it is selfish to ask for money. Why is it selfish to ask for money when you would like to be a contribution with the money? Ideas like you don’t deserve it. Why is everyone around you deserving of money and you aren’t? These are all lies we take on and assimilate. You can get rid of them. Our subconscious hangs on to these beliefs to keep you safe from CHANGE. Change is scary to the subconscious whose only goal is survival. If you are still alive, it is doing its job, and that’s all it cares about.

If your desire hasn’t shown up yet, it could be because your request isn’t truly aligned. To be aligned it is what you truly desire, not what someone else truly desires. It is what makes your heart sing, not your kids’, not your husband’s, but truly yours.

Truth is the key to understanding what is going on. Challenge the beliefs you have around money and ask yourself if they are true. We all KNOW. Down underneath everything we know the truth.

Another thing that happens sometimes is that we are so used to ignoring that still, small voice called our intuition, that we don’t follow the nudgings it sends us. Are there opportunities you have ignored or written off? Are you procrastinating? Ask to be shown actions that will show you the way to manifest what you are desiring. Then ACT on the ideas that come. Set some timely targets and energy will flow.

Something else that gets in the way sometimes is the payoff. Is there a payoff to not having what you are asking for? Is there a benefit to NOT having it? Be honest with yourself. It usually feels safer. So security may be the pay off. But does your security really come from staying where you are?

Sometimes its not showing up because we aren’t in the energy of having it yet. Remember I suggested writing gratitude statements 3 times a day? Writing a gratitude statement about what you are asking for is putting on the energy of having it already. I write mine in 3 different ways so I am not just repeating the same thing. It’s not about repeating the same words to bring it about. It’s about spending time envisioning what life would be like and what you would be grateful for when it is here. Take time to embody having it.

The final reason I’m going to talk about here is that sometimes we don’t see what we are asking for because we have not let go of something that would open it all up. There is a spiritual law called the Law of Sacrifice. Sounds yucky, doesn’t it? But it’s a simple law – To manifest something of a higher nature, let go of something of a lower nature. Let go of any story, discomfort, or anything else that isn’t serving you and keeping you from allowing it to come.

That’s enough for one post. If you have questions, you know leave me a comment, email me, or call me. I’m happy to help. Keep the faith and keep learning! Manifesting doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes we have desires because our soul know we are ready to grow. So grow, Baby, grow!! Love you!


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