it’s time

Do you speak YOUR truth? I was reminded this morning of how important it is to speak MY truth with courage and clarity and how much healing comes with that. It can be freeing, and it IS time. Sometimes it takes being brave, but the rewards are great. Sometimes when I feel strongly about something, I need some time to calm down so I can speak with clarity. My brain gets ahead of my mouth. But when I speak from my heart centre, I honour ME and am fulfilling my purpose. (Even though it may scare the heck out of me for good reason!) And who knows, I just may be inspiring someone else to have the courage to do the same thing. Who knows how many ripples get started by one act of courage?

My son created a talking stick for me to use in my classroom during my talking circles. I decided this morning to decorate my talking stick and to have it near me – to remind me to speak my truth and to honour those who speak their truth. So today, I am honouring all of you who are being courageous and who are speaking your truth. I am so grateful for you! Love to all of you!


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