I don’t know about you, but the past couple of days have been strange. It has been a long time since I’ve felt so stupid and ugly to be honest. Everything I attempted I screwed up. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was in judgment of what I saw. My brain felt fried. I felt weepy. I felt completely off my game. And then this happened.

After I mentioned that I was having a tree workshop this weekend, someone asked me if I was a healer. I immediately said yes, but then I felt weird. I’ve learned so many different modalities. But I’ve not had the occasion to use my “hands on” healing techniques in a while. That made me wonder if I am still a “healer,” and it also made me aware of the label and how powerful it is. I felt that without that label, my time here is a waste. What good am I if I’m NOT a healer? I began to question what my contribution here is meant to be. I started down a strange path. I spent some time in meditation with my Guide and asked some important questions. The answers gave me comfort and encouragement.

It all got me thinking about why labels are so important to us? What would we do without them? Are we so insecure that we require them to feel like we are a contribution and therefore have value? Or do we have value because we exist? Which one feels lighter? The bottom line is, we have value because we are children of the Divine. We have value with or without labels because we are a contribution in MANY ways. Some of which we may never even know about. If we are desiring to be a contribution, we can rest assured, we are. So everywhere we make labels so significant, can we please destroy and uncreate all that?

I’m ready for an awesome day today. I hope you have one too!


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