More money please!

For those of you who would like a “little” more money coming in, this is a great question I play with often. (notice I put little in quotation marks 🙂 ) Again, don’t try to figure it out and be open to whatever comes up. It might be something so close to you and right under your nose. It might be something you are so good at that you don’t even think about as being valuable to someone else. Notice the word “play”? Making money can be fun! What else is possible?

Also, don’t forget to ask! Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are desiring that we completely forget to start at the beginning. Ask! I recommend you ask in a general way. Leave the specifics to the universe to orchestrate. It will be better than you could even imagine if you do. We limit our receiving if we try to control every little detail. Remember, everything is energy. You are energy, money is energy. So there is no lack. There is no shortage. The more you “get” that you ARE money, the easier it will come to you. Repeat, I am money. Feel the connection? Have a fabulous day! xo


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