Years ago when I was teaching in the classroom, I heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s classroom experiments with photographing water crystals and his rice experiment. His research showed over and over that water is affected by images, words, music, prayer, and vibrations. When water is exposed to words such as love and peace, it’s structure changes to beautiful shapes, and when it is exposed to words and vibrations of hate and war, it also changes to ugly forms that look similar to cancer cells. It doesn’t matter if is a picture, a written word, a spoken word, or music. Water does not care what form the energy is in. It responds to any form and changes accordingly. When I was a teacher, I saw the ramifications all around me. Kids can be cruel with their words. Lots of kids go through trying times during recess and lunch breaks. I hoped to teach my students how our words affect our very cells so they would realize early how important it is to be thoughtful with what they say.

I also taught them about Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment. He took cooked rice and separated it into 2 identical glass jars. He put one jar at the end of a counter, and put the other jar at the opposite end. He asked anyone who came into the room to speak loving words to the first jar and hateful words to the second jar. The first jar remained healthy and beautiful, and the second jar turned black!

At this point in my life, I am again thinking about Dr. Emoto’s work, and in two different ways. What would happen if we all wrote words of peace and love and placed them under our glasses of drinking water? He has shown in his work that the change in vibration in water then spreads out and creates change in ripples outwards. As my body changes due to its high content of water, it affects the body next to me which affects bodies that come into proximity to him or her and so on. His work also revealed the power of prayer of a group of people. It healed very polluted lakes and they watched the healing taking place before their very eyes.

We are experiencing escalation of world wide tensions. We ALL have the power to create change and to create peace!  It doesn’t depend on our countries’ leaders. It can begin with us! Dr. Emoto wrote in Love Thyself, “I realized that prayer is most effectively sent when each person raises their energy of love by imagining a scene in which the people of the world are living in peace..First, you must shine with positive, high-spirited vibrations, full of love. In order to do that, I think it’s essential to love yourself, to be able to thank yourself, and to respect yourself. When you do so, each of these vibrations will be sent out into the cosmos, and the great symphony of that harmonic vibration will enfold our planet with waves.” We know Dr. Hew Len’s work using ho’oponopono’s mantra, “I love you and thank you,” healed criminally insane patients. It’s giving us the same message. We don’t have to depend on peace strategists and our elected officials to bring about peace. We can begin right now in this moment and can continue to change the energy on this planet.

I encourage you today to do three things – write words of love for yourself and place them under your drinking glass, spend a few minutes imagining this world in peace, and finally, if you are on FB, find a picture that radiates love and post it. If you aren’t, find a picture and place it somewhere lots of people can see it. If you feel so inclined, feel free to share this blog post to encourage others to do the same thing!

LOVE to you all!!


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