Request Cards

Hi Everyone! It is time to update our request cards! If you aren’t sure what a request card is – it is a card with your name on it and any requests you are making of the universe. I keep these cards in my sacred space and offer them up every day joining you in your requesting. The first part of receiving is the ASKING!

Today is the new moon and is the phase of the moon for new beginnings and planting seeds of our manifesting. So, what is your soul longing to manifest?

This energy flows through until the full moon on May 10th and then begins to wane. This is just like the tides ebbing and flowing. The energy flows of creation and manifestation ebb and flow. As the moon begins to grow, it is time to create, be actively planting, be movers and shakers. Then when the moon begins to wane, it is time to back off (not stop!) and to focus on inward work.

What are YOU desiring to manifest? If you share it with me through a comment or email, I will create a request card for you and join you in your requesting. Two is better than one! Love you!


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