SLOW DOWN, said the moon!

Did you ever have a time when the universe was trying to get a message across? It begins as a whisper, then it becomes a nudge, then it becomes an elbow, and then it becomes a scream! You are hearing the same message from many different places and you think, “Hmmmm, isn’t that a coincidence?! I’ve heard that before somewhere else.” That’s when I hear the universe lovingly screaming, “Wake up! This is for YOU, Sweetheart!”

Well, that’s my story. The forces that be began to whisper to me, “Pay attention to the rhythms of nature around you. Learn more about them. It’s important.” Then it came as, “Ok, you’re a little slow so we are going to spell this out for you. See how nature doesn’t hurry to get stuff done? We’d like you to relax your grip and slow down.” Then it turned into, “So you got the message, did it for about 3 seconds and forgot the message. Here it is again from a different source, Does this sound familiar?” Lately the moon has joined the chorus. “Learn from my waning and waxing, please. There is a time to plant, and there is a time to back off. You’re fighting the flow. Please pivot from laws of man to laws of nature, Sweetheart. You will feel relief from “trying” when you do.”

This month I gave myself permission to pay attention to the flow of energy around the moon. When it is going from new to full, I created and went full out. Not that it’s going from full to new, I will back off and relax. It is my time to slow down, breathe, be still, go inward, and recharge. Ahhh, this feels better. No need to try to MAKE something happen when you are going with the flow.

I encourage you to take the time to notice nature today. Please learn from me, ask it what message it has for you before it becomes a scream:) Love you!


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