The Pine

This morning, my soul was asking to spend time amongst my trees. I took a blanket with me that I use all the time when I want to sit on the ground. I went to my “wonky” tree that is so old and quirky. It’s energy is amazing. But someone else was calling. So I went to my spruce grove. It’s lovely there, but there is a big pine that was calling to me this morning. So I walked through some more paths to get to him. I put my blanket down and leaned up against this Standing One. Oliver joined me and fell in my lap. What a lovely way to start the day! I experienced a sense of peace and calm right away. I knew it was enjoying having me visit. I felt safe. I had an urge to learn more about this magnificent tree and decided to put some information together for the tree workshop coming up. Here are some interesting things I’ve learned about the pine:

  • it balances the emotions
  • it is protective
  • loves human contact
  • personable
  • communicative
  • it awakens the Divine spark
  • helps to eliminate feelings of guilt
  • it is kind
  • it is sensitve
  • reminds us to make decisions with a clear mind
  • it heightens our psychic sensitivities
  • encourages us to be creative without concern for what others think
  • symbolizes the birth of the spiritual warrior

There is so much more I discovered. Do you have a pine tree you can spend some time with this weekend?

“To be one with the trees is to know Life within your own spirit.” – Chief Sequoia


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