Timely Targets

So you’ve participated in our Creating Money playtime, and you’ve written your Gratitude Statements every day three times. Now what?! I’ve heard many say, “I’m still waiting!” While you wait, what do you do? Please check on your thinking. If it’s stinking, then pivot onto thoughts that will help you create what you are asking for. Clear the doubts, the fear, and any other blocks that are standing in your way. Your thoughts do create your reality. HOWEVER! They are not the whole picture. There is so much more to the picture. Timely Targets are KEY!

What are 3 targets that you can set for yourself today that help you create what you are asking for? They can be small ones, and in fact, I recommend small ones to start with. Setting an intention can be one of them, making a call to find out more information can be another, meditating and asking your Spirit Guide for inspiration can be another. You get the picture! The more energy moving forward you can create, the faster your manifestation shows up. It’s already here! Everything is already here. It’s just about connecting with it. It takes some timely targets to help that happen. Write them down and then celebrate them as you accomplish them. Make this fun and playful! Be good to yourself along the way and please let us know when you are seeing signs it’s all coming together.

In the first 24 hours after I participated in our Creating Money playtime, I received a 50% tip from a guest, had a request to teach a Bars class, had a request for a Bars session, found some change, and discovered there was more in my bank account than I realized. And I am celebrating every single sign the universe is delivering!!!

Write your gratitude statements, speak them out loud for even more enjoyment, clear your blocks, set some timely targets, and then celebrate!!


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