Your Past Can Get in the Way

“The images you hold of the past often put limits on the future you can imagine for yourself, and thus keep you from manifesting your greater potential.” Sanaya Roman wrote this in her book, Creating Money. It can be a powerful exercise to examine the stories you tell others about your childhood around your money situation and then create new stories about how abundant you were focusing on the good times and the blessings that happened. Many times our stories are centred on the negative.

However, this can also be applied to other areas in our lives. I could feel like a failure as a parent. I could focus on the stories of when I made mistakes or the wrong decisions or had horrible things happen. OR I could focus on when I taught him something important or held him close when he was young or made his day with something special or…

Let’s examine the stories we tell others and tell OURSELVES. Let’s change them from rehashing the negative to rehashing the blessings. This has the power to change our futures because we tend to limit ourselves to what we’ve already experienced. It also lifts our vibration to a higher one so we can draw in more good things with ease.

What stories do you tell others and yourself over and over again? What new stories can you tell? Love you!


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