Becoming a life coach is a wonderful way to help people, becoming an intuitive life coach is even better! It’s the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and it has enriched my life incredibly. I’ve grown so much spiritually and intuitively, and I know you will too!

If you are here, your intuition has led you here. You are here for a reason. Please read over the outline given below and email me any and all of your questions ( I’d love to hear from you!


How to Become an Intuitive Coach by Certified Life Coach Tess Adams


This comprehensive coaching course will provide you with tools you can share with your clients to help them get in touch with their intuition, prepare you to coach your clients with confidence, and will strengthen your own understanding of awareness, consciousness, intuition, your spiritual team, energy work, and your life’s purpose.


Time Frame: Four Months

Where Class Takes Place – in your own home or wherever you choose on the phone, Skype or Face time, classes are usually 50 minutes long unless we need some more time. Class will take place weekly at on agreed upon day. Homework is to be submitted at least one day before class. If you need to reschedule a class, please make arrangements as early as possible.

First Class: Setting your intentions, targets, and Intro to the Modules

Module 1: Playing with the Tools Before You Teach Them: (2 classes) We cover a lot of tools in these 2 weeks, and you will be asked to write a report on your experiences while using them. They are all designed to assist in strengthening and clarifying intuition.

These are some of the tools we will cover:

Barriers Down

Expanding Tool


Using Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Grounding and Centering

Using Intention

The Awareness Bar

Module 2: Meditation – the Gateway to Your Intuition (3 weeks)

We cover many different meditations so you can pass them on to your clients. We play with these so you can experience them first hand to see how they increase the connection to your intuition

Here are some of the ones we cover:

Basic Meditation – Focusing on the Breath in Stillness

Spiral Pillar of Light

Earth and Sky

Circle of Life

Chakra Clarity

Chakra Fibers

Weaving the Nadis

Five Hearts Open

Queen Nefertiti’s Headdress

You will receive written and recorded versions of these meditations. Many say they would like to be able to meditate, but sometimes it is just a matter of linking them up with the type of meditation that they can connect to.

Module 3: What Makes an Awesome Intuitive Coach? (8 weeks)

Suggested Coaching Session format

Developing a Question Bank

Developing a Recommended Reading List

Practice Coaching Begins – you are welcome to use 3 people you know or I can supply people to practice on who would appreciate free sessions.

Recording and Reporting Your Sessions- You are asked to obtain recording permission from your practice clients for 5 different sessions in total. After each of these 5 different sessions, you will submit a report with the recording to me for evaluation.

Module 4: What if … (2 weeks)

-your client says he or she doesn’t “know”?

-your client doesn’t do the work?

-your client misinterprets fear as intuition and you don’t know how to clear the fear

-As you practice, we discuss your concerns or challenges. These weeks are used to put the finishing touches on everything.

At the end of this intensive course, you will graduate as an Intuitive Life Coach.

In total, you will receive:

– 16 hours of one-on-coaching from me

– Mentoring once your practice coaching begins for 10 weeks

– 8 new tools to use yourself and with clients

– Feed back on coaching techniques on 5 different session

– Digital and audio copies of at least nine meditations (my list of meditations grows and grows!)

– Certificate of Completion


Total Cost: $960.00 if paid in full before our first class

You may also pay in 2 equal payments of – $500.00

Or 4 equal payments of $250.00

or weekly payments of $62.50 for 16 weeks.

Please email me to register. Your class begins when you are ready. Are you ready to go on an adventure?