living in the flow is sweetLIVING IN THE FLOW


This is a one-on-one coaching program that is designed to deepen and expand your consciousness to a whole new level. You will experience a shift in the way you view your life, the way you experience abundance, and in your spiritual walk. You will go higher yet deeper.

 In the words of one of my clients:

“At the end of the Living in the Flow program, I had a vision of myself living in a cocoon before signing up to this class.  I was unconscious and unaware of many things.  After 7 weeks of group and individual coaching with Tess my life has expanded and opened in ways I never dreamed of.  Tess is an awesome coach and I highly recommend this program! Thank you for opening up my life!” –J. Smith

What the program looks like:

  • 7 weekly coaching sessions
  • daily program to follow for 40 days in a row
  • a different meditation for each day
  • a different tapping script for each day
  • a place to journal
  • a Results page to record what you see happening as you go
  • a Where I Am Abundant page to record where you already are experiencing abundance and then to add to as you see your abundance growing
  • a page where you will set your intentions for the program
  • daily quotes that will enhance your learning and inspire you


This program takes 40 days because it takes 40 days to shift your consciousness. Each day you will sense yourself going a little deeper. With a continued, steady focus, you will attain a level of enlightenment, growth, and joy you haven’t yet experienced.

Cost: $197.00  

This is what one client wrote about the program:”These are some things I am noticing as I go through the program. I am seeing more money coming in. I get an almost daily gift of some kind that could be seen as an increase in money. The other abundance showing up in my life is the improvement in relationships with others and with myself. I am being kinder to myself and so it is easier to be kinder to others. It’s not that I wasn’t kind before, but I was a lot more exhausted at the end of the day. Because I am taking better care of myself, I don’t feel so depleted and I have more to offer. I have more energy for fun and I recognize how important it is to have fun in this life. That is a big aha for me. I am also doing a better job at setting boundaries because I am more conscious of what I want and what I am willing to do. The tapping is a really powerful component. It feels like I am re-setting my brain. That’s why I feel like I am in a new, better reality. I am resetting my wiring. All of the pieces of Living In the Flow are powerful, but put them together and it makes for a recipe to make a quantum leap.” –J. Kangas