conclusions are lethal

My rant for they day: We all make decisions every day. Many draw conclusions every day. We think we know what’s best. For us and everyone else. We think we know. But do we? Do we really know? Or are we just concluding that they think and feel the same way we do? Do they have the same life experience we do? Do they have the same calling we do? Is anyone on the exact same path you are at the same time? As I’m writing this, it sounds highly unlikely yet we all live as if it were true. We draw conclusions based on how we would think and feel about people around us based on our experience and thinking. We think we know what they are thinking. We think they are wrong. Conclusions are lethal. They divide, they hurt, they can kill dreams, they can stop amazing possibilities in their tracks, they are judgment, they lock energy up, they block awarenesses, they create conflict. What else is possible?


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