You have the answers you are seeking! Are you seeking answers from those around you, from experts, from Google? YOU have the answers. You know. As a life coach, it is NOT my job to tell you what you should do, it IS my job to help you connect with the answers you have in YOU. You have been given an intuition for a reason. It is that place where you connect with your spiritual team and the wisdom that you already have. It is spirit’s voice. We have been conditioned to drown it out, stuff it down, and look outside of ourselves. What if you could reconnect with it and expand your awareness with ease? You can!

I work one-on-one with people who know it is time to develop their intuition. It’s always an adventure! It’s always amazing to watch people realize how easy it is! In seven coaching sessions, I give you tools to use to help you come to know who your spiritual team is, how to connect with them, how to activate energy pathways that ease the flow of intuition, and how to meditate.

Is now the time for you?

Your sessions can happen over Skype, the phone, or Face Time. You will receive information packets every week through emails that you can print off for your use. Your sessions will be approximately 1 hour in length weekly for seven weeks.

Payment Options:

Paid in full up front – $350.00

Paid in 2 payments of $180.00 (one at the beginning and one before the fourth session)

You may pay through E transfers or PayPal (which includes credit cards).


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at