Oh the Things People Say!

Have you ever been hurt, really hurt by something someone close to you said or did? And then you find it keeps coming back to your mind? And it feels like a loop that just won’t stop playing? I think most of us have that happen until something happens that we just don’t remember it until something brings it back to mind and then it starts looping all over again. Some say time heals all wounds. But wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to wait for sooo much time to pass? I have 3 things for you to consider that will help you let go of the hurt and soothe the sting.

First – Sometimes we go through times when we are extra sensitive for lots of different reasons. Being sensitive is not a weakness, but it can be a symptom of not being grounded. We are meant to be connected to Mother Earth and to the energy of the sky. Think of yourself as the peanut butter between the slice of bread that is the sky and the slice that is the Earth. We can feel disconnected when we have lost sight of this connection or grounding. When we aren’t grounded, we get grumpy, resentful, we hurry, and we feel impatient. So if all of those apply, try this for a few minutes. It soothes your energy and helps clarity of thought and will definitely help you with the second step. I don’t go a day without doing this. It’s called the Earth and Sky energy activation. Synthia Andrews wrote about this. As you breathe in, picture energy coming into the top of your head from the sky, traveling through your core, and resting in your coccyx (tailbone) area. As you breathe out, send that energy out your coccyx into the earth in your mind’s eye. On the next inhale, picture energy from the earth coming up into your coccyx, and on the exhale, send it up your core, out the top of your head and into the sky. Do this set of inhales and exhales at least 3 times and see what happens. Spending time outside is a lovely way to get grounded, but we aren’t always somewhere that that is easy to do. You can do this energy activation laying in bed.

The second thing – forgive. Sometimes this can be a challenge. But it is so YOU can move forward and past it. It is not about making them feel better. It is important so you can have peace of mind again. Write about it if that helps. Let it out on paper where it is safe and then burn it. Forgive yourself in the midst of it too. Sometimes our boundaries aren’t as solid or where they need to be, and we need to forgive ourselves for that. But the main focus here is saying and meaning “I forgive you.” There is tremendous freedom in that for you. We have all made mistakes and need forgiveness from time to time. It will help you move on.

The third thing is just as important! Have you ever had a daughter or niece tell you someone said they were ugly? Did you say something like, “That’s not true! You’re beautiful!”? You knew it was important for them to get the right message and to know the truth. The same thing applies for you as an adult. But you get to be the one to give yourself the messages that you need to hear. As thoughts of what hurt you come to mind, replace the memories with words that build you up. Talk to yourself as you would a son or daughter or niece or nephew. For example, if someone made you feel you don’t have value, repeat the phrase, “I am valuable. I am worthy.” Tell yourself what you wish a best friend would say. BE your own best friend.

We all have people in our lives that we need to be around but sometimes hurt us. We can get past the stings and move on. We can be free from the looping of the memories. They are there to distract you from the amazingness you are. Know you are fabulous! Know you are worthy! I’m so happy you are here!

If you need help with any of these suggestions, please email me. I’d love to help!


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