You may think you are alone but you aren’t!

Sometimes, we are going through tough times that we feel like we will never get out of. Sometimes we question what good can come from it. Sometimes in the darker moments we feel like we are all alone, that no one really gets it or cares, and that we don’t know what to do. Been there! More than a few times! If YOU are there, please read on.

I believe we create our life’s plan before we come here in this physical reality. The plan includes major life events and the major players in the our lives like our parents, mates, really close friends… We also put together a team of Spiritual helpers that stay with us while we are here in the physical and guide us (when we ask). They are our Spirit Guides, our Angels, our Ascended Masters,… They are waiting to hear from us. Your team is waiting to hear from YOU. You are far from alone. The Divine is love and would never leave us alone to suffer this life. We are meant to be co-creators with the Divine and with our team. If you really knew how many beings are with you, you might feel a little claustrophobic! 🙂

Reach out to your team through meditation. Don’t be afraid to ask them for signs they are with you. TRUST they hear you. TRUST they are with you. They are here, just in a different dimension. They aren’t in some far away land. They are full of unconditional love for you, patience, and wisdom. Ask them questions. The answers will come if you ask the questions and then let them go. The answers will come with a knowing. If you’d like to learn about how I have conversations and get answers from my guides in the conversation, email me. I’d be happy to share it with you.

The message for today is all about TRUSTING that you are not alone.


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